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Everyday, we're influenced from the media- from our peers- from everything around us. Well, though my identity may look like it changes from day to day; underneath it all, this blog shows i'm always, Aliella.. x♥x
So.. i figure, i'm never ever ever on this blog, though i love it dearly, it twas the very beginning of my blogging. the very baby of my cyber life womb. Okay, that was weird. i admit it. but you know what i mean. 

Therefore... all good things must come to an end..

I shall delete this blog soon.. =[

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Constant talking / nothing to chat about
happy dresses ;) / lame jeans
Lame Friends     /  "best" friends?
Goodwill             /  the mall. yuck.
20(or 2000) Q's/  knowing it all
Bulbous noses   /  cute button noses
(: auburn hair.   /  your average; blond, brunette, red..

[this one had a lot. lol embrace it.]
So, i found out tonight that my writing didn't make it as a finalist in the Scholarship Contest. 
which is.. honestly. a disappointment. and i also found out, if i still want to try to go to school there, i have less than 6 days to send in my application and portfolio.
i need a miracle.


There's a certain special boy, that just so happens to be my bestest friend ;]

The saying," to the world he may be one person, but to that one person, he may be their world" seems to fit when describing what he means to me.

He's quirky, and (to me) invincible, and it takes quite a bit to cause a crack in his shield.
>> he looks strong on the outside, but he's still mushy gushy on the inside ;] i would know. lol(wl)<<

On a bad day, you can always count on him to make you smile, and even on those days when your bottled anger just comes pouring out- you could call him any name in the book & he'll calm you down instantly.

He's always easy to talk to [sometimes you mean to say only a few words- but his effect on you just causes them to keep gushing out, until all needed to be said- is said] and always seems to have time to talk.

Selfish? never. Conceited? lol(wl) not on purpose ;] 
There are so many words i could say, but none could measure up to how great he truly is..
ily; bfffe&e

 This picture, entitled,
"little Ghost" by: Philipp Klinger.. is amazing.
Right now- i long to be that girl.
running wild through an enchanted forest. sunlight streaming through the tree tops. 
Taking in autumn air, breathing deeply, letting a cool breeze and smell of fall leaves engulf you... absorbing it with every fiber of your being. 

to me; this is my place. (as of right now) my ideal thinking place. Now if i were only like Jumper, and could transport myself right now.
I'd do it in a heartbeat.. 

readers?: where's your pondering place?



I usually do this on Poseur Fan, but- eh, i felt the need to spice things up a bit..
it needs it. lol

Wii Fit                 / Wii Sports
singling & mingling*    / indecisive relationships
dreams you don't want to     /  crappy life.
wake from....                    
          speaking your mind    /  "biting your tongue"
the author Ted Dekker         /  T.V <>

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She lifts her face to the spackled ceiling, and purses her lips- before opening them in a wide "O".
Her head is swimming with thoughts- anger rising in her chest, swelling like a massive tidal wave before it pours out.
She screams as loud as physically possible. She doesn't care who hears her, or what anybody thinks. Her soul's opened, and a voice inside her sings out stress in breathy whispers.
She's furious.
Furious with herself. Furious with her friends. Furious with people she hasn't spoken more than 5 words to lately. 
She's mad that jealousy has taken hold of a corner of her heart. And it won't let loose. clinging and clinging to her diminishing emotions.

She shrieks a blood-curdling, parting sound. Her throat is hoarse. Her neck pained. 
Her knees collapse under her, and she falls to the ground sobbing. Praying that she overcomes these pent up feelings. Praying that all that rests inside her, floats away.. 
just, praying.


Well, it's almost the dreaded Valentine's Day. It's great if you're in a relationship; it sucks if you're single.
Honestly, being "single", has it's highs & lows. You can flirt or mingle, and not worry about what your boyfriend thinks. You can not care at all what you look like during the school days (i mean, you don't have anyone to look "cute" for. ) But then again.. You don't have someone to do things with on the weekends, or look forward to seeing. You DON'T have anyone to look "cute" for. No one to hold hands with, or show your love for. And no one to show up on your doorstep with a heartfelt Valentine's greeting and/or gift. 
So, this Valentine's Day, i will probably be at home, watching my little sister, as every freaking couple in the world does something romantic.
*heavy sarcasm*
i can't wait.

Obama is about to become (officially) President Barack Obama.
And i am utterly ecstatic!
History is about to be made- and i'm so happy to be able to witness it. Even if it is through tv.
Until later, this is all i have to say;
God be with our country...


That, um, no boy thing?
yeah- nah.
it's not working for me. 
Then again, it's not like i have anyone to break that rule for right now.
How depressing.. 
Everywhere you go? couples.
School? couples.
Neighborhood? couples.
Restaurants? couples.
Church? couples.
And i could go on.
this sucks.